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Mr. Carter speaks frequently to adult and young adult groups. He is willing--indeed prefers--to design programs to meet the needs of a particular audience. Among the topics he often addresses: the creative process; improving your writing; writing the young adult novel; and getting published.

Mr. Carter has given programs and speeches for schools, libraries, and conferences in New York, Georgia, California, Wisconsin, Oregon, Louisiana, Nebraska, Kansas, Florida, Indiana, Washington, Maryland, North Dakota, South Dakota, North Carolina, Tennessee, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada, Ohio, and Utah Addresses to national conventions of the American Library Association, National Council of Teachers of English, and the International Reading Association.  He recently gave a reading from his novel Bright Starry Banner at the national convention of the Civil War Preservation Trust.

Inquiries regarding Mr. Carter's availability and fees for speeches and school visits can be made to the author at or 715-389-1108. 


I Couldn't Be Batman, So I Took Next Best: Making Dreams Come True. A program for elementary students. Contents: pursuing dreams; how stories are found and written; questions; reprise on making dreams come true.

Dreams on Paper: the Creative Process. A program for young adults from middle school through high school with variations to fit age groups. Contents: the process of becoming a writer; where writers find stories; creating characters; writing and rewriting; a little about the publishing industry; your First Amendment rights; how to improve your writing; why I write for young adults; a few gentle words about surviving the teenage years.

The Elephant’s Q-tip: an Exercise in Creativity.  A program for elementary and middle school students.  Mr. Carter constructs an odd contraption of a brick, a broomstick, Duck tape, and a rope.  What is it?  His explanation: an elephants’ Q-tip. (The rope is to pull it out if it gets lost inside the ear.) Students then write and share their alternative solutions.  (Clubs and the like not allowed.)  Guaranteed to inspire both creativity and excitement about writing. 

Whack It with a Webster's: Improving your Writing. A program or workshop for middle school students and older. Contents: basic writing, organizational, research, and rewriting skills with an emphasis on writing school papers.

Hooked on Reality: the Art of Nonfiction. A program or workshop for junior high or high school students in English, history, or science classes. Contents: how nonfiction books are researched and written; research tools; organizing the essay or report; supporting your opinions; crediting your sources; writing and rewriting skills.

The Creative Forge: Turning Ideas into Fiction. A program or workshop for creative writing students. Contents: choosing your form; plotting; creating characters; writing dialogue; pacing your story; avoiding amateur errors; becoming a professional.

Of Toads, Cameras, Editors, and Asthma: How We Wrote and Photographed a Picture Book. A program for any age, delivered collectively or individually by Siri M. Carter (age 16), Dan Young (a lot older), and Alden R. Carter (even older yet).

From Pen to Press: An Extended Writers' Workshop. Contents and number of days can be tailored for students from upper elementary through adult.

I’m Tougher than ………..: Writing about and Overcoming our Fears.  A workshop of one to three days adaptable for children from first grade through high school.   Mr. Carter shows slides of his books I’m Tougher than Diabetes and I’m Tougher than Asthma.  Students then set about creating their own “book” about how they are “tougher” about than a fear or problem. 

Creating a Children’s Picture Book in the Classroom.  A one or two day workshop for teachers, on creating an I’m Tougher Than…. picture book.

How to Get Published without Going Mad in the Process.  Author of nearly forty books including novels, nonfiction, and children’s picture books, Alden Carter talks about the business of publishing and surviving as a writer.  Young writers or adults.

Special Books for Special Kids: Creating Photo-Essays about Challenged Children.  A slide presentation on the Carters' books on asthma, Downs syndrome, vision disabilities, and cerebral palsy.

Dreams in Abundance.   An inspirational speech for graduations, National Honor Society inductions, etc.


"China, 2008: A Layman's View of the World's Emerging Superpower."

“Bright Starry Banner:  Writing a Civil War Novel for Adults.”

“Brother to the Eagle: a Reading from the Civil War journals of Sgt. Ambrose Armitage, 8th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry.”

"Love, Football and Other Contact Sports: a reading from Mr. Carter's recent collection of stories with hints on short story writing."

"Of Curve Balls and High Heat: How I Came to Write a Baseball Novel."

"Of Wolves and Fire: the Writing of a Young Adult Novel."

"Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Writing Young Adult Adventure Fiction."

"Of Wolves and Fire, Canoes and White Water: Darkness and Hope in the Young Adult Novel."

"Characters that Connect: Writing Fiction for Young Adults."

"In 6,000 Words or Less: Writing Nonfiction for Children and Young Adults."

"Writing to Sell: Techniques, Packaging, and Marketing."

"Don't Lie to the Kids: the Ethics of Writing for Young Adults."

"Love, Life, and Potato Salad: Reality and the Young Adult Novel."

"Sifting the River of Memory: Writing Historical Fiction for the Y2K Generation."

Contact: Alden R. Carter, 1113 W. Onstad Dr., Marshfield, WI 54449-1732. Phone: 715-389-1108 (office & fax); 715-387-6559 (home). E-mail:


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