Darkest Hours
For two terrible years, the American Revolution seemed doomed. Only the determination of Washington and the endurance of his soldiers kept the Cause alive. On Christmas 1776, they would gamble everything and win undying glory.

From Chapter 6: “Darkest Hour”: 
    It was a terrible night. Wind, sleet, and snow lashed the men in the boats. Ice chunks filled the river, slowing the crossing and putting the plan hours behind schedule. The commanders of the two southern forces turned back, assuming that Washington would do the same. But Washington's iron will kept his troops moving. By 3:00 A.M., his men were ashore and marching south. Many of the soldiers wore only rags on their feet and left bloody footprints in the snow. The snow turned to rain, soaking the men and rendering their muskets useless except as clubs or handles for bayonets. Many of the officers were deeply discouraged, believing that the army was about to die in the final battle of a doomed cause. They were completely and gloriously wrong. 

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