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  The Civil War Journal of Sgt. Ambrose Armitage, 8th Wisconsin Infantry

Edited with annotations by Alden R. Carter

“Fascinating…comprehensive [and] superbly edited, Brother to the Eagle will be welcomed both by researchers and the reading public.”  --Steven E. Woodworth, author of Nothing but Victory: The Army of the Tennessee

Recruited from farms and country villages, the 8th Wisconsin Infantry became one of the hardest marching and fighting units of the Civil War. At its head, between the regimental colors and the national flag, rode the eagle Old Abe, his defiant scream announcing the presence of the famed 8th on battlefields across the South.
Sgt. Ambrose Armitage, a member of the color guard, kept a journal of the regiment’s campaigns and the daily life of its soldiers in perhaps the most detailed contemporaneous account to come to light in the century and a half since the war. Edited and annotated by novelist Alden R. Carter, Brother to the Eagle provides an intimate portrait of a remarkable man who was both a stout individualist and typical of so many of the young men who went off to war in 1861.
With scores of explanatory notes, period pictures and maps, exhaustive appendices, and a running account of the war keyed to Ambrose’s journal entries, Brother to the Eagle is a reading experience unlike any other in the vast literature of the Civil War.

            $23.95 (ISBN 1-60145-042-7)
704 pages, maps, and photographs

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