A story of love and courage--

I'm Tougher than Diabetes

By Alden R. Carter

Photographs by Carol S. Carter


A Bank Street College Children's Book Committee Best Children's Book of the Year

A Wisconsin Library Association Outstanding Book 

Acher/Eckblad Children's Picture Book Award from the Council for Wisconsin Writers

Natalie Aumann


Kelsey Aumann, 

their parents, teammates, and friends

Natalie has diabetes, but she insists on doing everything other kids do. Tennis, basketball, school, friends, and family fill her days.

Join Natalie as she explains this mysterious illness and how she's learned to manage diet, testing, and medicine to control her diabetes. 

"A wonderful springboard for teaching others to understand differences and challenges that people [with diabetes] face every day."  --Library Talk

"A warm presentation of the challenge presented by diabetes.  Illustrations are clear and the close relationship of patient and her family well depicted.  Details of day-to-day care are easy to understand and would be encouraging to other young patients.  A valuable addition to the Health section of any library."
                --Librarian's Book Review, Pittsburgh schools

"An inspirational tale of a family managing a difficult condition."  --Booklist

"I loved hearing about diabetes from a child's point-
-of-view.  This would be great to share with students." 
       --Copperas Cove, Texas, Independent School District

"A beautifully executed photo-documentary."
                             --Tucson Unified School District

"That children [with diabetes] can have such challenges and live active, happy lives is the message here." --BayViews

"A clear and understandable discussion of what diabetes is and how one lives with it.... A small book with a lot of uses."
    --Highlands Regional Library Coop, Hackensack Library

     "This book should be available when juvenile diabetes is first diagnosed. It brings a message of hope, courage, and self control. The book artfully and honestly explains the disease through the mind of a young girl.
      "Natalie introduces herself and 'Philomena,' her diabetes kit and constant companion, to her classmates. She explores diabetes with confidence and composure. With a brief, simple explanation she introduces the anatomy involved, the symptoms, treatment, and care. She doesn't ignore the negatives of finger pricking and insulin injections. 'But,' she says, 'it's a lot better than being sick.'
     "Natalie's pleasant expression in every delightful photograph makes the message especially appealing. It could well be the selling factor in the book. She introduces all the equipment that is part of her life, and demonstrates the symptoms of both insulin shock and coma. Her classmates seem to be intrigued with all the facets of care.
     "Diabetes is a family affair. Both of Natalie's parents, as well as her sister show their positive and sometimes humorous role in her care. She is included in all the activities of normal, healthy living. Natalie is definitely a strong member of her family and her peer group." 
                                        --Provident Book Finder

"This book may be as helpful for children not affected by diabetes as those who have the disorder.  It explains in detail what the body needs and why." --Southeastern Pennsylvania School Library Book Reviewers

"This book shows a real family with a daughter who was diagnosed with type I diabetes at the age of six.  Here 'we see the healthy results when every family member has a positive and respected role in helping to manage diabetes' (introduction).  Told in Natalie Aumann's voice, each page has a large color photograph.... Diabetes I is a devastating disease, and most families do not handle it as well as the Aumanns.  Natalie's courage and jaunty smile serve to de-emphasize the negative aspects of the disease, holding out a realistic hope to young diabetics.  The introductory materials--notes about the authors and a full page from a diabetic health psychologist--personalize this story, while the end questions and answers give a good amount of basic information about the disease." --Highlands Regional Library Coop, Washington Public Library

"Very clear...very useful."
                      --Delaware County Library System

"An invaluable addition to any classroom with a diabetic student." --Fort Worth ISD

"Great full color photos...good answers."
                                        --Madison Metro SD

"Sensitively  written...precise and outstanding."
                                    --Catholic Library World

A very nice resource for children's health issues."
                   --South Jersey Regional Library Cooperative

"Excellent...among the very best of its type."
             --Fort Worth Christian School Book Review Group

"Wonderful..." --Mid-Del Schools Book Review Program

"This thorough photo-journal takes the reader through the good times and bad of a family with a diabetic member."
                    --Eastern Washington Book Review Council

"Most importantly... [young readers will] learn that Natalie is a normal kid and is not defined by her diabetes."
  --Puget Sound Council for the Review of Children's Media

         --Lane County Book Review Committee, Eugene OR

"An excellent book about a young girl with diabetes. In her own words, Natalie describes how she copes with her diabetes, from testing her blood sugar to helping her mom make proper food choices. Natalie tells how she told her classmates about diabetes and what it's like when she's low or high. The book is filled with photographs of Natalie's everyday life, which help make the book very appealing to younger kids." --childrenwithdiabetes.com/

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